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Enforcing Child Support Orders

A child support order tells the parents what they must do to support their children.

Some of the ways we get parents to pay are:

  • Suspend Florida driver licenses
  • Take IRS tax refunds
  • Take Florida Lottery winnings if over $600
  • Take support payments from unemployment and worker's compensation
  • Tell employers to take payments from paychecks
  • Place liens on the parent's car, boat, or other property
  • Report past due support to credit agencies
  • Place a hold and take money from bank accounts
  • Take the case to court because the parent did not do what the order says
  • Request the court enter a writ, also known as an arrest warrant.

Parents can avoid these actions by paying their child support and doing what the order says.

When a Court Order exists and the parent under order to pay is delinquent in paying the support obligation, and all other administrative remedies are exhausted (passport denial, credit reporting, intercepts, driver's license suspension , etc), the Case Manager requests judicial enforcement. The Attorney will file a Motion for Contempt or, in the alternative, the Attorney may file a Motion to Establish Arrears and repayment toward the arrears, when the obligor has made an effort to comply or is prevented from complying due to incarceration or disability. The Attorney may also defend against claims that the driver's license should not be suspended.